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These early gas-powered vehicles are extremely rare. Housed within what was the original showroom at 1305 Clinton Street are four complete Marathons and one additional body. In addition to the showroom, the lobby at 1305 Clinton Street, which was built in 1912 as the new Administration building, has displays and pictures related to the engineer William Collier and the history of the Marathon Motor Works company. The hallways of the factory complex, amidst retail shops and private businesses of all types, is a living industrial museum full of vintage machines from the pre-1914 era. They were powered by line shafts that ran the length of the factory and are the exact types used to build these early automobiles. They have been purchased from individuals all over the United States, shipped here and meticulously restored by Marathon Village employees.
Displayed on the walls are a series of photographs and articles that provide insight into the company and its storied history.
Marathon Village
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1305 Clinton St., Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37203
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